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Our Assistance Stories

Onishiya's Street Dreams:

Onishiya contacted Spirit of the Pack with one goal in mind: to drive. She needed an evaluation to determine the steps to get her to this goal. Once we knew exactly what needed to be done, we were able to provide assistance with her driving lessons and test.

Congratulations Onishiya on the new freedom!

Back in the Saddle:

After not driving for seven years, Greg reached out to Spirit of the Pack to request modifications to his car as well as lessons to learn how to drive using them. We were thrilled to be able to assist Greg with this incredible task. The modifications, shown to the left, allow him to operate his car completely by hand. That sure gives a new meaning to manual car!

Kate's FES Bike:

Spirit of the Pack is pleased to have been able to purchase a functional electrical stimulation (FES) bike for Kate to limit further muscle atrophy, improve her general health, and ultimately begin to build muscle tissue.

Kate rides a few times a week, but says the animated scenery pales in comparison to the fields she used to enjoy on her weekend rides. Look out for her on Strava!

Keep Up The Good Work Kayla:

Kayla is a young woman who was injured in June 2014 in a car accident leaving her quadriplegic. She has been going to rehabilitation at Project Walk in Houston, Texas.  Through the emotional support and positive energy the Project Walk staff bring along with their skill in physical therapy, Kayla is making progress to regain more control of her body. 


Spirit of the Pack is proud to be able to provide financial assistance for Kayla that helps her to continue the great program at Project Walk.

Reaching Beyond Texas:

With the mission of Spirit of the Pack to assist individuals living with spinal cord injury, their families and organizations the help them, the family and ride directors are always looking for others to help.  A woman named Trudy was brought to our attention as someone from the spinal cord injury community that could really benefit from any assistance as her medical condition can be a serious drain on her family’s finances at times.  We decided to send her some help and are really glad we could help her when we did.  As November unfolded and the wildfires burned parts of Gatlinburg and surrounding areas in Tennessee, Trudy and her family were impacted.  We know her house was spared and we sure wish her and her family the best.

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